Tips on Handling How to Inherit A Property With Outstanding Taxes

Tips on Handling How to Inherit A Property With Outstanding Taxes
Tips on Handling How to Inherit A Property With Outstanding Taxes

A Property is a expensive purchase. There are some individuals who have interited a property with outstanding taxes. Leaving a property to a loved one in a Last Will and Testament is a wonderful gift, but it can result in some costs and complications when property taxes are owed on that home. Here’s a quick guide to what to do when you inherit a home and the implications of property tax in Texas from property tax loan specialists.

During the probate process, the property will be transferred to the legal heir. This could be the person named in the Last Will and Testament or the individual inheriting the property as determined by court probate processes, or via state law (in the event that the individual died intestate which means without a will). This person will then be responsible for all costs associated with the property, including the property taxes and relevant penalties owed.

It is important to carefully but quickly assess your options for paying these delinquent property taxes, as penalties and interest will continue to accumulate each month they go unpaid. Your options depend on what is most affordable for you and in line with your plans for the property.

Sell the Property: Many people choose to sell the property because they don’t want or need the home, they live in another city or country, or they’d like to use the proceeds in a different way. If this is the option you choose, it’s important to list and try to sell the property as soon as possible, as part of the proceeds will have to be used to pay owed taxes, interest, and penalties. Also, it is important to remember that the local government will have a tax lien in place on that property and will in time start foreclosure proceedings in order to recoup the taxes owed. It is, therefore, important to speak to the local tax office in charge of the area where the property is located and get clarification on their processes.

Rent the Property: If you would like to rent the property out as an additional form of income, it is essential that any owed property taxes are paid in full as soon as possible. Renting it out before paying these taxes will allow the penalties and interest to accumulate unchecked, and allow the local tax office to eventually start foreclosure proceedings regarding the property.

Live in the Property: For heirs who would like to use the property as their primary residence, it is also essential to pay outstanding property taxes, interest, and penalties as soon as possible. The legal obligation is on you to do so, and ignoring the property taxes will allow them to grow and empower the local tax office to begin foreclosure proceedings.

If you cannot access the funds necessary to pay these delinquent property taxes quickly, it is worth it to consider applying for a home property tax loan from a reputable and professional provider.

This will ensure that the account is settled immediately and in full, preventing additional penalties and interest from accumulating as well as preventing property tax foreclosure proceedings against your home.

It is essential that you partner with a lender that has the financial certification, reputation, and ethics to deliver a fast, professional, and affordable home property tax loan. At American Finance & Investment Co., Inc, (AFIC), we have been providing affordable and professional property tax loans for more than 70 years. Our offering is highly competitive, with no payments for up to 60 months, a rate match guarantee, interest only payments, and escrow protection. We are proud to hold the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau and deal with all our clients with the utmost professionalism and understanding.

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