Privacy Policy

We understand how important your privacy is at Pacific Eye Centre. We will protect your information from any unauthorized access. This document at Pacific Eye Centre is going to explain how and why we will gather, process, and store your data. We will only use your information to give you better service in the future. Please take your time reading this document to ensure you understand it completely.

Your information will be gathered and stored when you sign up, contact us, or use our products and services. Your data will also be collected when you give consent to other affiliated companies. This document won’t change any consent previously given.

What is considered your data?

This part of the document at Pacific Eye Centre will explain what your data is considered to be.


♦ Your information is known as your name, email address, telephone number, or any other information that can be used to aid in identification purposes.

♦ Your information from accessing our website services will be managed and stored.

♦ All payment related data will be collected and stored in our systems.

♦ Your digital information will be collected such as your IP address and internet cookies.


How is your data collected?

This part of the document will explain how your information will be obtained from you.


♦ We will accumulate your information when you sign up for our services or homes.

♦ We will obtain your data when you access or use our services and products.

♦ We will receive your information whenever you contact our customer service professionals.

♦ We will obtain your data when you accept our promotions.

♦ We will aggregate your information when you submit it for any reason.

♦ We will collect your data when you provide it for the third party affiliate companies.


Reasons why your information is collected, used and stored by our company.

This part of the document will explain why we assemble, manage, and save your data.


♦ We use your information when you contact us with questions, comments, or complaints at Pacific Eye Centre.

♦ Your information will be used for all identification purposes.

♦ We will utilize your information for statistical data.

♦ Your data will be used for accessing the portal, making payments, and any other payment related requirement we have.

♦ Your information will be used when you submit an online application for our homes or services.

♦ Your data will be collected and used to maintain your account.

♦ Your information will be used if you are a resident or a prospective resident.


Your information will be disclosed to safe places only.

♦ We will take great provisions to ensure the safety of your information. Your information will be disclosed for the following purposes and places.

♦ We will disclose it for those third-party affiliates with our company. We will use password-protected systems to aid in the security of your information.

♦ We will have to disclose your information to any credit bureaus for debt collection purposes.

♦ Your information will be disclosed if a law enforcement agency requests or requires it to comply with laws and regulations.


This privacy policy will be followed by all aspects of the law.

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