Parkwood Collection Landed Property Fantasia Holding Group Hougang

Right in the very center of the Hougang Housing District lies the Parkwood Collection, which is one of the latest landed housing projects in the area. It is situated in a highly convenient location, which is within easy reach from and to the public transportation system and shopping centers. The development has been bid on the highest at $75.8 million by the alliance of three big players in the industry namely Fantasia-Investment of Singapore, Sun Renwang as well as Yang Xinping.

Technically sitting on Lorong-1 Realty Park, Parkwood Collection includes a site area of 144,168 square feet. It is estimated to accommodate around 50 units of 3-story properties considering its land size and the corresponding plot ratio.

Parkwood Collection Landed Property by Fantasia Group in Hougang

The development under Fantasia-Holdings Group is released under the Government Land-Sales Programme and is actually one of the very few government-released landed property sales, which is an added value to it in the eyes of the many aspiring property owners. Parkwood Collection is located near to Hougang Mall and Hougang MRT Station

Probably the biggest asset of Parkwood Collection is its location. It is very near to the Hougang Mall, which is a shopping center that offers a wide variety of options for dining, fashion and recreation in the area. It is a favorite of the residents due to the high mix percentage of anchor tenants. Equipped with a food cluster, a playground and a myriad of shops, the mall is quite a busy one especially due to its easy access for the commuting public.

Parkwood Collection Landed Property Lorong 1 Realty Park Singapore

Right next to the mall is the Hougang M.R.T Station and a few steps away is the Hougang Bus Interchange. The easy access to these transportation options is one of the biggest reasons why the mall is so popular in the area.

Another advantage to the investment in the Parkwood Collection Landed Property in Lorong-1 Realty Park is its developer. Fantasia Holdings Group, which comes from China as one of the country’s reputed property developer, has invested in this project and currently works on its further improvement to make it ready and available for interested parties. The development is available for 99-year leasehold ownership agreements.

It is also very interesting to note that the development is set to include additional amenities. While the basic requirements of transportation and the answers to the residents’ shopping needs in the form of the Hougang and Heartland malls, there will be added frills to make the area a fully convenient residential haven.

Parkwood Collection Near Hougang Mall and Heartland Mall

The overall ambiance of the development will also be an added attraction for the part of the population that is looking into having their own residential property. It is overlooking the adjacent areas of Hougang and Kovan, which are luxurious neighborhoods. It will be providing a sense of exclusivity and serenity for its residents.

Because the development is a very new one, there are the options to choose from its variety of unit floor plans. While these are still on flexible status and are subject to further modifications as per the developers’ decisions, it is good to note that there are choices available. Basically, most of the units are facing the North, but there are two general directions for the housing units as some will be facing the Lorong-1 Realty Park and the others will be facing Hougang Avenue 2. With the Parkwood Collection Fantasia Holding Group, a chance for a new, different and wonderful way of life awaits each and every aspiring homeowner.

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