Make a Splash In Your Home By Creating a Outdoor Kitchen

Make a Splash In Your Home By Creating a Outdoor Kitchen
Make a Splash In Your Home By Creating a Outdoor Kitchen

Be the envy of all your guests with an outside kitchen. A barbecue beside the swimming pool, a kitchen under your covered patio, or even a grill station in the corner of the garden will be just what you need to enjoy warm weather occasions with family and friends.

Construct your outdoor kitchen using durable materials like granite or cement decorated with pebbled stones. Make sure your countertops are made of cement, rough bricks or other non-flammable materials, especially if a fire-pit will be incorporated into the design. Don’t use marbles; they don’t react well with water. You can even use weather-treated wood paneling with a contemporary stain for a modern spin on a retro style. The kitchen fixtures must be rustproof and easy to clean. Opt for a stainless steel vessel or apron sink and pair with a long necked faucet for convenience. Any outdoor appliances should be made of the same material as well. You can use different kinds of tables and chairs for your outdoor kitchen. Wooden, bamboo, iron, resin, aluminum, or rattan furniture are all suitable options.

Match the hue of the outdoor flooring with the roof to maintain harmony with your home’s exterior design. A top choice to consider is cement tiles. This sturdy flooring option comes in a plethora of designs and colors you can choose from. Other durable flooring surfaces like stained concrete or cement pavers are smart choices. However, avoid using brick flooring; it is difficult to maintain. Choose solar powered accent lights placed strategically throughout the dining area for an enchanted setting. Keep in mind that any additional lighting must be water proof. There are many way to adorn the outdoor kitchen, but resist the urge to over decorate. Make sure your outdoor kitchen enhances, rather than competes with, the backyard landscape. Moreover, the less clutter there is the easier to will be to maintain.

Keeping an open air trattoria protected from the elements can be difficult. How about a pergola over your outdoor kitchen? This is for a lighter touch. Cedar or oak stained brown will look marvelous. Allow some vines to crawl over your pergola, but don’t let them overwhelm it as this can lead to wood rot. Other options include retractable awnings or screened porches. If climate permits, opt for a roofless outdoor kitchen. They’re ideal for uncovered patios, lanais, or verandas. You can place them right in the middle of your garden or beside your swimming pool. Although, it’s nice to eat en plein air, have a garden umbrella or giant parasol ready in case you need it. In addition, elevated outdoor kitchens with thatched roofing, bamboo walls and/or bamboo or teak floors, will bring an exotic element to your backyard.

If you can, always make it a goal to use eco-friendly materials. Check the paints and the glues utilized in making your outdoor kitchen. Scoping out organic materials may be a challenge, but the right environmentally conscious contractor will be eager to help you build the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

If you want to make a splash in your kitchen, there are several designs and material ideas that will be just what you’re looking for. Woods and metals are impressive, but if you want something even more exquisite there are other materials waiting to be discovered that will make your kitchen the envy of everybody.

For the outdoor kitchen, bricks are the hands down choice. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they can do for your indoor kitchen. Pairing them with stainless steel or lacquered appliances gives the whole kitchen a warm, yet sleek appearance that works like magic. The sophistication and superior class of baked bricks will leave your neighbors and guests longing for their own cutting-edge trattoria.

Splurging your kitchen with a slumped glass backsplash will give it an avant-garde flash that your guests will find more than contempo. If you haven’t seen slumped glass, it’s about time. Tiles are created using a process of heat and gravity to slowly form a uniquely textured surface. Slumped glass tiles come in a variety of patterns and colors, making them easy to coordinate with your overall kitchen motif. You can even pair this type of backsplash with a few decorative slumped glass tiles incorporated into the kitchen flooring.

While slumped glass embodies a new wave elegance, contemporary subway tiles provide an industrial charm. You can create a solid backsplash using tiles of a uniform color or go for a mosaic look and play with several of the many colors available. With subway tiles, you can make your kitchen the most impressive best place in the house.

Strategically placed materials such as seashells, sand dollars, and starfish can make savvy accents in a tile backsplash. For the more subdued seafarer, consider assimilating mother of pearl tiles into your backsplash for a delicate sparkle. Be careful to maintain them however as they can chip easily. Sea glass is another subtle option. These once broken shards are slowly conditioned by the tumbling ocean waters, giving each piece a soft matte surface. Their understated appearance is perfect for a soothing kitchen backsplash or even integrated into the walls of the master bath.

Creative backsplashes can give your kitchen new flare, while allowing your personality to shine through. Resin collages are ideal for the kitchen. Collect household items like old photos, rag paper, acrylic materials, fancy jewelry, and assemble them together into a collage. Spray paint them to make the look glossy and to keep them bonded together. Even a wine cork or bottle cap mosaic look great over a wet bar. Involve your entire family in the backsplash project; use ceramic tiles embossed with your kids’ handprints to make the kitchen the heart of your home.

If you want to stick to traditional materials, stone slabs are a safe choice. Marble, porcelain tile, granite and soapstone are all popular choices that will breathe new life into any lackluster kitchen. Although pricey, these backsplashes will provide a touch of luxury and easily increase the value of your home.

With the proper curing and treatment, exotic materials like bamboo can make great backsplashes. Installing a whiteboard backsplash is another possibility practical for the busy family. Of course, green options are available as well. Salvaged glass, reclaimed lumber, and even recycled aluminum tiles make an eco-friendly fashion statement you will love to share with guests.

When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, you are only limited by your imagination. Make your kitchen the most enjoyable part of your house by working with a contractor that truly understands your creative vision

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