How to spot a desperate homeowner

If you are looking to buy a house, dealing with the right seller or knowing a desperate homeowner who is willing to sell is crucial. However, it is not easy to know a desperate seller because no one will come across as so. Therefore, here are pointers on how you can get to know a seller who is willing to sell his/her own home fast:
1. Property listed in an estate
If the home is listed in an estate, that’s a good sign the house is a liquidated asset. However, depending on your locality or budget, you might find out that a listed house is easier to buy or transact.
2. Homeowner answers questions fast and truthfully
You will ask questions and the homeowner is required to answer all your questions. However, not all homeowners are genuine or answer the questions genuinely. A desperate homeowner or a homeowner who is looking to sell his or her house fast will always answer questions candidly and fast.
3. Seller moved on
A seller who is looking to sell his/her house fast will vacate the house to make the entire process easy and fast. Hence, when looking to a house and you find out that the seller has either rented or moved on to another house, you are in luck because the homeowner is looking to sell the house fast!
4. Unappealing curb
If there are weed patches unmowed lawns, that’s a sign that the homeowner has either left the house or does not need to look after the house. Ergo, if you are looking to buy a house fast, that’s a good sign.
5. The closets aren’t full
If you make a house tour and find out that the closets aren’t full or the owner has limited items in the house, that’s a go-ahead to buy the house. That not only shows the owner is willing to sell the house but also he/she will negotiate to sell at a price to sell the house fast.

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