DIY Projects at Home To Help Save Money on Home Renovation

DIY Projects at Home To Help Save Money on Home Renovation
DIY Projects at Home To Help Save Money on Home Renovation

Purchasing a Home is one of the most important thing that everyone can have and it is one of the most expensive thing as well for a family. Therefore, there are many buyers who are keen to save money on DIY projects. Every year, homeowners spend billions of dollars renovating their homes. It almost seems expected that homeowners are going to end up going over budget on any project. On the other hand, this doesn’t have to be the case. In reality, there are a few tips and tricks that homeowners can follow to help them save big money on that next home renovation project.

Many homeowners hire a general contractor to control the staffing of each individual project. While this might reduce stress levels, it also costs more money. Hiring a general contractor adds an additional middle man to the project who might charge a premium for each individual project.

Homeowners that need to renovate the kitchen, replace the roof, and find a new water heater should hire professionals to handle these individual projects; however, they don’t necessarily need to hire a general contractor. Skipping this step can save money.

Some homeowners don’t like making phone calls and filling out paperwork to collect bids for various projects; however, collecting multiple bids can help homeowners save money. On any given home renovation project, try to collect at least three bids. For larger projects, it is better to collect even more.

Then, once all the bids are collected, they can be leveraged against each other for a lower price. Homeowners are often surprised by the wide range of bids on a project. Some proposals might even be thousands of dollars apart.

Just as food goes on sale at the grocery store, the materials needed to complete a home renovation project might go on sale from time to time as well. Taking advantage of sales at department stores can be a great way to reduce overhead costs. There might even be cheaper options online.

These are a few of the most important tips for reducing the cost of that next big home renovation project. Home renovation projects don’t have to break the bank! Be sure to collect multiple bids and leverage inventory sales.

You’ve probably flipped through a home decorating magazine or watched a DIY TV show where all they’ve really done is painted a feature wall. Without a doubt, a feature wall can really add that extra special something to a room. The fantastic thing about feature walls is they are cheap, easy to do and you really don’t need to spend a month of Sundays doing them. What’s better – you can do it yourself!

You can freshen up your garden any time of the year. It could be as simple as planting new annuals, some seasonal colour or getting around to planting that vegie garden you’ve been wanting to do for ever. The great thing about gardens, especially if you’ve got kids, is that they just LOVE to get their hands dirty! Why not put on your old clothes, pop over to the plant nursery and get some fresh garden ideas this weekend?

So your furniture looks like it should be on the set of The Brady Bunch? Green vinyl seat covers just not doing it for you? Don’t turf it out – consider turning old into new. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to re-upholster an old chair, and re-paint a dated table or get new cushion covers for your sofa.

Lets face it. There’s a stack of creative people out there on Pinterest. Your family photos don’t just need to be a few randomly placed and mismatched framed items on a wall. Go crazy with your family photos – match the frames, get a few in different sizes, do a family tree of photos on the wall – it’s creative DIY at its finest!

The great thing about doing up a garage is once it’s done, it’s one of those things that you don’t need to re-do for ages. A trip to the hardware store is always in order for a racking system – you could perhaps get some wall hooks for bikes or surfboards and a spot for the fishing rods. It’s an easy DIY project where you see results instantly.

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